Apple of My Eye

Apple of My Eye
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" And of mankind are some who take (for worship) others beside Allah as rivals (to Allah). They love them as they love Allah. But those who believe, love Allah more (than anything else). If only, those who do wrong could see, when they will see the torment, that all power belongs to Allah and that Allah is Severe in punishment "

Holy Quran, Al Baqarah:2

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Payback Time

Odd timing to think that all this luxurious time I have spend them worthlessly
(since I'm not in college,yet plus me not working at all)
There's isn't much things I've done for the past 2 months,..
Still the opportunities there, in another two months I'll be back to college (degree)..
In the mean time, those future two months I have,.
I wouldn't want it to filled with my schedule of the past months~

The Hierarchy:-
3rd May (is it?don't remember) : I starts longest of my holiday
till today 26th June : how long have I been wasting?yeah 1 month++

sigh onion head

But we all got a month that save us from this blackest duty=wasting time..
(it's not a choice to obey or to not obey below steps, it's far we actually bury that deep in our,..piece of meat in the body?)

credits to Liyana Alya, a friend an akhwat would always proud of~

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hazel The Haze

Living in Malaysia, is every day prosperity,,
Some knew (the adults)
some dont (the kids)
and some pretend to forget (the penebang pokok balak a.k.a. mother's nature enemy)
but still, we cant do nothing bout it, can we?
I would like to insincerely invite an unwelcoming guest to my house, 
every single day when I open the windows..
Guest : The name's Hazel (she's the haze~ -_-)
Me : I hate you.
Guest : Oh really?! well, I on the other hand just LOVE to wander around your house, 
making you cough like hell and blur your view of the scene and's just my fun hobby!
Me : .....

p/s : killing as in virtually..yeah,had a imaginary suicide that time.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Episode 1 - Pilot

I know a fact, almost half of series program (like How i met Your Mother)..their first episode started with the title Pilot..wonder what that lead to?


I got a theory..A Pilot,what I had in mind, some kind of macho suit. A guy with big vision, not just the clouds and mountain, it's what behind them as well..

I'm a pilot

I'm tired of always starting from the first step, trying to gain back what I've lost.
It got me thinking,. it was never about the past, the future
It was and always about what's happening NOW...
credits: Soothsayer from Kung Fu Panda 2
I'm tired of saying, I'm worst of everything just because I can't really stick to it..
I won't stick to book until it's finish, I just won't stick to a single job, complete em' to  perfection,
I am not that person.
(take this blog for example..)
How about I start to turn over a new leaf,. but it's much more than that than just words..
The effort I'm putting to be the kinda person we all suppose to be..
A better Pilot

Fly his plane of life to journey with the tank full of HOPE with passengers of family and friends..
So, how about kissin' goodbye to vain, and gain more I dunno~mother tongue maybe?

A heaven of journey (such hell of cliche)

p/s: I love you Nikita~

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