Apple of My Eye

Apple of My Eye
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" And of mankind are some who take (for worship) others beside Allah as rivals (to Allah). They love them as they love Allah. But those who believe, love Allah more (than anything else). If only, those who do wrong could see, when they will see the torment, that all power belongs to Allah and that Allah is Severe in punishment "

Holy Quran, Al Baqarah:2

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Twinkle Star

"Regret on what you did is more EXTRAVAGANT than regret on what you didn't"- me
Because we live just once...we're young just once,and my curious part always tell me(whisper in my head I guess)...
"Ain,think once,twice,thrice,fourice,five-rice before you do ONE thing" but I rarely listen because you know...the more I made mistakes,the more right I'm going to do in the future...of course,I need to see the suitability of that method for some the dilemma I'm facing...not all(like choosing a college to study,careful buddy!)
You can call that LIFE,including a mixed-up one...
different people...variety of food...numerous languages...oceans of emotions
I loved funky...different...stuffs..that's about me  

above are some bits of my photo essay(application to participate BRATs)..butt(hehe) before that..what the heck is BRATS?...some pain-in-the-ass kids is it?

it stands for 
Bright Roving Annoying TeenS

BRATs is one of the most special things The Star Publication (my future rival - since I'm future NSTP journalist)..*ahem,so this special things was held specially for my in we had our own platform in society...BRATs is a workshop Star did to train kids like me in being fantacular journalist a.k.a. 
an awesome person! goes on with the photography to capture good photo and video,not to forget..D most important thing is standing in front of a camera..- aside social skills..Can ya imagine this..we actually had our own assignments (like grown-up had*hehe) for tourism place we're visited..
ok...first thing first..when I first walk inside this room full of youngster-like me * was fucking nervous..I never realise I'm chosen like these guys but in the end,the low self-esteem gradually decrease (science much?) when I hang out with these guys..doing ice-breaking...having brunch,dinner and,..
it was FUN maximum power!-for that angle,that I mix up with my own kind
second thing second..those trips we had to some tourism place in Kuala Selangor 
(forgot to mention I was in BRATs K. Selangor 2012..juz f.y.i.)..and we walk and travel and explore 
and dig up some stuff for our articles and videos..
ya know how people talk about new things were found,learn new stuff about some place..but that was my 27% of the story..most of my story involved the AWKWARDNESS I felt through the journey..

OH~SHOOT!..bang bang!!!  

Pregnant Lady

It's been literally forever(or to be exact-2 years) for to me get my own nephew/ from my sister's generation(I was about to write womb-...haha) this year,God willing,..July sister will provide me and my family a new family member...a child(hoping, a boy) that will lighten the symphony of this family...
I can tell you guys now that...that future child would be so fucking lucky
to have mama as grandmother.,
papa as grandfather.,
brother sani as father..,
my sister as mother(abuden!)
as best of all..(y'all know what Imma gonna write..)
me as him/her AUNT ANNE...*cookoo

I'll make the baby my evil apprentice..mwahahahahaha

we all will love him a.k.a. like 'menatang minyak yang penuh' for't been a while and where would the family throw our big bucks?-(think about that-how arrogant am I)

p/s : joke aside..the kid is a fortune..we vow to treasure it with all our all family would do!(it's baby..what do ya expect?)

Driving Lesson

In Malaysia,car accident is the 2nd most likely thing to happen every single in,the day would not be complete without some news from media about car accident..then when I heard the particular news,I would sighed,"Thank god,the world's still normal!",(how about that?)
Let me introduce to ya guys...Sir Rosly - me instructor for driving school
the 'moustache' would very much remind me of him-haha
1st of all is the ADRENALINE of working with the killing machine(car-duh!)...the inertia you felt when handled the clutch.gears and the steers!it follow our rule,,we set the game for this killing machine...


2ndly would be the SPEED...of every inch involving car..for ex like the speed of you absorb the knowledges for the side-parking,climbing up hill(classic!) and this thing you need to do when ya encounter it?never mind..
3rd thing I remember the most is the TENSION ya felt...'yells' and 'critics' from ma instructor reaaallllyy...... challenge myself to get to the next level...I'm a girl,me gonna cry in no time for any 'insults' I get from him...but trust me,I no time helps me to improve fucking a lot!
Last but so not totally the least...the ultimate TEST!! was exactly the same as our Sir Rosly taught me all the time!it turns out every single thing came out from his mouth about driving a car came out useful for my test...and thank him for that...
ok...before end..forgot to mention about the convenience of the car meant for me.. of course I'm the new driver of the family..I'm just glad not being the most active parasite at home...

p/s : want me to scan my freaking license?nah...

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